EWH Summer 2011 - Central America Blog


Currently, I am an Undergraduate Student at Southern Methodist University(SMU) in Dallas, Texas studying Electrical Engineering with a Biomedical Specialization and Mathematics. I am entering my Senior year in the fall of 2010 and plan on attending Graduate School for Biomedical Engineering or for Public Health.It was only until I transferred into SMU in the Fall of 2009 did I truly discover my passion for Biomedical Engineering and the field of Engineering and Humanity. I've been pursuing that ever since. One of the first volunteer opportunities I participated in at SMU was "SMU Engineering in the City", volunteering for BC Workshop and their project at Dolphin Heights in Dallas. The idea of donating back our acquired engineering training, skills, and passion brought me further towards my idea of my purpose.
I am the second oldest child out of four children (23, 6 and 5) and both of my parents are native West-Indian (Caribbean) with my mom from Grand Cayman and my dad from Haiti.  

Professional History

  • Research Intern for Dr. Carlos Marquez de la Plata with the Brain Health Center of the University of Texas at Dallas and UT Southwestern Medical Center with the study of Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) with examining more novel neuro-imaging novelties to quantify the degree of neuronal compromise. I assist in developing programs that will further analyze data beyond the measures of highly efficient machineries such as MRI machines. Primarily, my focus has been editing and writing scripts to this affect via MATlab.
  • Student Engineer for the Engineering World Health Central America Summer Institute

Leadership Positions:
  • President for the National Society of Black Engineers SMU Collegiate Chapter (for the Fall 2011 - Spring 2012 year)
  • Vice President for the National Society of Black Engineers SMU Collegiate Chapter (Fall 2010 - Spring 2011)
  • Student Ambassador for the International Center and Study Abroad Office
  • Facilitator/Student Volunteer, Visioneering at SMU
  • Children Services Volunteer, Scottish Rite Children's Hospital of Dallas