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I just checked the countdown clock on the EWH SI google site and to my surprise, I HAVE ONLY 10 DAYS LEFT UNTIL I LEAVE FOR CENTRAL AMERICA!
It is truly unexplainable my thoughts and feelings at this point, but here's an update from the days past since my last blog:

1. I have had to create another blog-site because the last one (using a different website creation site) was not working.
2. I am the recipent of another scholarship sponsored by the Coulter Foundation in the amount of $2500.00 covering my tuition for the Summer Institute.
3. I have gotten all of my vaccinations and records in my possession except the travel vaccine Typhoid, which I will need to take a trip to the Health Dept. for.
4. I have received every medical exam to clear me "fit and healthy" to go and I have waiting for me all the medications including the Anti-Malaria drugs.
5. GOD has been blessing my family and friends in numerous ways and reassuring me that everyone will be okay while I'm gone.
6. I'm still waiting for my last word on sponsorships towards my airfare! HOW WILL I GET TO COSTA RICA!?

Unfortunately, I have been biting my nails anxiously waiting to receive the final word about sponsorship towards my airfare and travel taxes. That is the last of my expenses but unfortunately the most important one! Regardless, I know whatever happens, it will go through and I will be in Costa Rica with the other participants June 1st. I am beyond excited to be surrounded by intelligent people who share the same excitement for humanitarian projects. PLUS WHO WOULDN'T WANT TO TRAVEL TO 2 COUNTRIES IN ONE SUMMER!?

I had a chance to look on the map as to where I will be staying, and I noticed the island where the city of Roatan is is close to Grand Cayman, the island where my mom
is currently as well as most (if not entirely) my mom's side of the family. Proves that you can never be too far from those who love you :)

I have begun packing my suitcase and double checking that I have everything ready to go! I just need to check off a few more items off of my list, then ADIOS!

Arielle P. Lafond

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