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Today was not the usual Wednesday :) "Middle of the week syndrome" when you know you are almost done with the week but it still feels like Monday. It started off with we waking up at 5:30 am to catch the 6:30 bus. I have been having a little bit of trouble with object direct and object indirect sentencing in Spanish and as much as I tried to pick it up in class, it was just not happening like I hoped. I ask Laura if she could meet me before class in the morning to review and thankfully she was more than willing to help. So, that said, I had to meet her at the school at 7:30 am for some one-on-one tutoring and it helped!!! I felt so much better afterwards. I didn't pick it up immediately and I still have a lot to practice, but it was hard to learn in class at such a fast pace. So, bless fully, my day had a good start.
In our lecture class, we starting our progression with into more complex medical machineries. Our lecture gives us the background of the devices, common problems, and diagrams. I have only really opened up a few machines since I've been here but still feel like I've learned quite a bit. In our lab Monday, we were building a temperature sensor onto a PCB board. The application for it was for incubators and infant warmers. Because they have to maintain a certain temperature and if the temperature reaches above or below the allotted temperature, it could be fatal to the baby and the nurse/doctors/attending would need to be notified immediately.  Because I've had more experience with soldering, I allowed my partner to do the soldering this time. It didn't go too too well but she did it :). I finished the soldering job and just as we were packing up because all we had left to do is program the chip on the board and make sure it works, it FAILS. We would have to troubleshoot tomorrow but still we were not pleased. There wasn't any obvious problems with the bored so as homework, we tried to think of steps to test our bored for problems.
Today was the day we had to figure out what the problem was. Apparently on the PCP board, there was a cut/slash that disconnected a few elements. We at first thought we would have to start all over again which we weren't too thrilled about but then James suggested we solder a wire connected the terminals just as we would if we were using a perfboard but instead it would be smaller and underneath the bored and not going through it at all. Just in case that wasn't going to work because some PCP boards have multiple levels with multiple connections, I went ahead and began building another as Leah attempted to fix our old board. I can solder pretty quickly so by the time I was done solder most of the elements (other than the LED and the sound apparatus) she was done fixing the board. JUST OUR LUCK IT WORKED! So now we have 1 functioning temp sensor and another back-up! We were quite proud of our work. :) We calibrated extreme heat, cold, and ambient temperature and recorded our results. Overall, we had a successful lab that had us do troubleshooting and fixing the problem.
Since it was 2-for-1 special at all movie theaters in San Jose, a large group of us went to watch X-Men Origins. It was in English but subtitled in Spanish! Leah saw it yesterday so she didn't join our victory party but the rest of the girls in the house came along. IT COST $2.00 to see it! (That's not even popcorn in the states!)  It was amazing! As we were watching previews, I decided that if I'm going to be near a theater in Roatan that will have Green Lantern, Captain America, HARRY POTTER, and Transformers 3 then I'm definitely going to see it while I'm there!! Funny thing that happened was as soon as the movie was over, I completely forgot where I was and attempted to search for my car keys or Robin's car keys in my bag. Then I realized that clearly, I would not be successful in finding either one.
Traffic was horrible on the way home (we were on the bus for about an hour) and by the time we got home, I just wanted to pass out to my homework, an online movie, and chatting on skype wit
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