EWH Summer 2011 - Central America Blog
I have only 3 days (excluding today) left until I leave for Costa Rica!

I have accomplished so much in one week, I'm just excited about everything that has been happening at home!

1. I finally progressed further with a MATlab script (that was honestly kicking my butt) at my internship at the BrainHealth Center. My last day was Wednesday but I will be returning to work part-time during the school year. I love the people I work with and the environment is great! Plus, I am enhancing my MATlab skills which will be used more often than not with Signal Processing.
2. I finished all of my vaccines (the Typhoid vaccine), pre-departure medications (primarily anti-malaria), blood-drawn tests, and packing! 
3. Since the end of finals, I've had a bit of bad luck with some of my things. My glasses broke COMPLETELY and my laptop fell off my bed and broke. Usually, it would be an easy fix for both of those items except I had to go through the process with getting a new prescription and eye exam (good idea) and I found out my laptop insurance that I purchased in August for 2 years wasn't what I was assured of. Unfortunate, but not completely the "end of the world" thanks to my dad and my wonderful boyfriend, Robin. Of course, the glasses were replaced but because it would take time for me to purchase a new insurance plan, a new battery (oh that died too! It's a Dell computer which mostly only last 2 years at the least), and send it off to be fixed I was in a jam! Robin surprised me this Friday with HIS computer, bag, webcam, and computer lock to borrow for his trip while he holds on to my computer and gets it fixed! I was ecstatic to be trusted enough without something as valuable as one of his laptops! :)
4.  My Dad and I spent the past few days with last minute shopping and bought EVERYTHING I could need and are proud to say we are done with days to spare.

In my spare time, I will be spending time with family and friends as well as multi-tasking between my secondary project and working on things for NSBE. Since I will be gone for 2 months and unable to have meetings with the executive board, I have to have left dates and events solidified for the next semester. Lots of work to be done but always well worth it!
Friday I hosted a dinner for my 4 closest friends and family at my house which was an ultimate success. I've been so busy that sometimes those special times with friends are not always possible. I love the people who were there and I am so thankful for each and everyone that was there because of their continuous support and the love that is always shared. Some of these people I've known from middle school and we are still very close :). those are the kinds of people who I feel are placed in your lives for a ultimate purpose :).

I am excited to have only 3 days left here in America and anxious to see what this trip awaits me. I can't help but sometimes get emotional because of all the love and support that is ultimately surrounding me. It is difficult to leave such wonderful people for only 2 months!

-Time to go soon!
Arielle P. Lafond

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