EWH Summer 2011 - Central America Blog
After a very relaxing weekend, it was hard getting up to go to school. Spanish class after a long long weekend was quite interesting and I wasn't feeling well. It seems like a cold has been going around in our house. I haven't gotten it yet, but this weekend I was having stomach upsets and loss of appetite. In Spanish, we reviewed our lesson from Thursday and began learning about object indirect and object direct sentencing. It was ROUGH! I was a little bit discouraged by the end of class but definitely had to keep going. Lunch was definitely my break from the roughness of class but had to keep my strength for lecture. In lecture, we learned about Theater Lamps. O.R. Lights, Balances, Microtomes, Water Bath, (Stirrer hot plate combo), and Water Purifiers. Rick broke down the water purification system in a drawing and explained how each part element contributes in its own way. There is a point in which the water is no longer drinkable but used for cleansing and disinfecting. I was really interested in this because I wanted to see how the hospitals here were purifying their water especially being in a country where tap water isn't safe to drink in some areas.
Our lab was building an incubator temperature alarm/sensor onto a PCB board. The application for it was for incubators and infant warmers. Because they have to maintain a certain temperature and if the temperature reaches above or below the allotted temperature, it could be fatal to the baby and the nurse/doctors/attending would need to be notified immediately.  Because I've had more experience with soldering, I allowed my partner to do the soldering this time. It didn't go too too well but she did it :). I finished the soldering job and just as we were packing up because all we had left to do is program the chip on the board and make sure it works, it FAILS. We would have to troubleshoot on Wednesday but still we were not pleased. There wasn't any obvious problems with the bored so as homework, we tried to think of steps to test our bored for problems.
Because we were going to be building a switching power supply again but using a battery charger from a laptop, we had to go out an buy one. We were put into partners of the same Spanish level and assigned certain days to go out and buy our supply and when we would be finishing calibrating the temp sensor. I was paired up with Liz and we would be shopping for our power supply on Tuesday and finishing our lab on Wednesday.
Tonight we had the same salsa teacher from a couple weeks ago come and teach a small group of us (Leah, Liz, Gladys, Maciej, Gavin, David, and a couple who are not a part of our program but who take spanish classes with us) more SALSA. :) It was amazing! We learned a lot of turns and a lot of partner work I can't wait to teach mi novio y mis amigos once I get back. I have my presentation tomorrow and after a long night of salsa dancing, it is hard to stay awake     

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