EWH Summer 2011 - Central America Blog
Today I had to give blood for the LAST TIME! I needed to have my blood type and RH testing completed and sent to EWH (part of the medical requirement). Here are some wonderful updates:

1. PLANE TICKET IS A GO! I have my plane ticket purchased :) (yes yes yes!) Thanks to my Mother and Uncle Winston in the Grand Cayman. They saw how hard I've been working to get sponsorship and donations for every expense I have and although this was the last expense to be received, they did everything they could and purchased the plane ticket on my behalf. To be honest, I cannot tell you what I would've done without them, not just in this instance. Family are truly the most self-less beings. They will give and give and give without ever asking for something in return. I am so thankful that my family are always supporting me in one way or another.
2. My family and I are getting more and more excited each day!

I am getting more anxious each day! It's almost as if the New Year's Ball is in the middle of my living room and each day it drops further and further down until Wednesday June 1st at 5:05PM, once my plane takes off. Excitement and explosions will be everywhere! 

-I have to get back to work on my laptop now!
Arielle P. Lafond
9/27/2012 09:18:27 pm

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